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The ThrustPac on a canoe

The ThrustPac is a ducted fan powered by a small gasoline motor. Just slip the ThrustPac on like a backpack, then put the throttle control on your finger and give the over the shoulder starter a pull. Control the speed by bending your finger to speed up or straightening it to slow to an idle.

Or maintain a full five finger grip on handlebars, ski poles and paddles by using the new wrist controller which is now offered on all ThrustPac’s as standard equipment.

15 pounds of thrust pushes a comfort bike effortlessly at 25 to 35 mph(depending on your weight, size and tire pressure.) On a canoe or kayak, the speed is around 6 to 12 mph.

The ThrustPac is available in two models which provide 11 or 15 pounds of thrust and weigh 12 and 16 pounds respectively. Both models are suspended comfortably on a modern backpack support system.

You can choose the convenience of a four stroke or the added power of a two stroke. This will determine your fuel type: regular gasoline or an approved blend of gas and oil.

The travel range with a full 20+ ounce fuel tank is about an hour to an hour and a half. We specify runtime so that you can convert the speed of your device to distance of range. The optional metal fuel bottles(up to 32oz each) conveniently fit in bicycle water cages, so that you can refuel.

A red white & blue ThrustPac

We recommend that only adults(usually 18 years old and up) in sound physical condition operate the ThrustPac. You should only use the ThrustPac on a device that you can operate safely without ThrustPac assistance. This is so that you can safely return if you run out of fuel or in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure.

The beauty of simplicity - ie, no belts, sprockets, chains or transmissions - ensures smooth, reliable operation for years to come.

Preproduction, custom order ThrustPac's are available through our store page or you can support us and pre-order via our Kickstarter campaign when that launches soon.