ThrustPac™ by Pacific Wind

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The ThrustPac adds horsepower to your human power to push you faster & farther on your favorite Human Powered Vehicles.

Julian McClanahan on a kayak with the ThrustPac Lukas Pederson on a bike with the ThrustPac Julian McClanahan on a stand up paddleboard with the ThrustPac

The ThrustPac saves gas at 150+ MPG on your average bicycle; Travel distances you would never attempt without it, improving your health while pedaling at 30+ MPH and blowing past gridlock.

The ThrustPac was invented, developed and will be manufactured in the USA, creating jobs and economic stimulation.

It is based on brand new patented technologies, and is designed to enhance your bike, canoe, kayak, snow skis or other means of human-powered transportation.

This versatility is what creates such an exciting & fun experience while benefiting you and the environment.

If you hate hidden costs and trips to the DMV, the ThrustPac is for you. No license, registration or insurance is required.

The ThrustPac is lightweight, comfortable & incredibly simple to use.

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